DIY for a Picture Frame cum Jewelry Locker

According to recent news, three big jewelry robberies have been reported in Miami-Dade County jewelry stores between March, May. The Miami-Dade Police Department is searching for a group of men they believe are responsible for three jewelry store robberies. The thieves robbed about $250,000 worth of jewelry.

Yet another bulletin released a month ago reports that the Brick police, USA, arrested a suspect in house robbery. The police arrested a Lakewood man for a weekend house burglary in which the homeowner was knifed.

The ever increasing cases of robberies, burglaries demand serious measures that can help the people from losing their valuable assets – money and diamond jewelry – most commonly stolen things. In general, it is not possible to control the burglaries and thefts in commercial sectors like jewelry stores and banks, despite of having many effective security measures. But, one can still minimize the probabilities of in-house robberies greatly by adopting various measures.

Today, we have come up with one such simple, yet very effective measure that will surely help you in securing your assets from being robbed. Generally, people install safes in their homes, still they face such circumstances. But, what about keeping a ‘Safe’ safe? Yes! Our idea is to hide your jewelry behind a watch or a photo frame in a well organized manner. Sounds amazing??

Jewelry storage behind painting

Picture frames and hanging watches are common in every house. Hiding your precious jewelry, or loose diamonds, or money behind these decorative is a unique and a clever idea. Who would think of doing so? Isn’t it? So they become a great way to protect your money and jewelry from thieves and burglars.

Another idea can be:

Jewelry storage idea

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1. Keep your valuables – cash and diamond jewelry safer.
2. Cost effective – costs around $30-35 only
3. Suitable for everyone – living in a huge house or small compact apartment.

DIY for Hidden Jewelry Box

Here’s a DIY for you to create your own ‘hidden jewelry safe’ out of a picture frame. Have a look:

Things Required:

1. Picture Frame of approx. 14” * 12”, sides 2” or wider.
2. Wood (2” * 1/2 “ poplar) 4ft cut into 4 pieces (2 * 11”, 2 * 12”)
3. Foam Board (black 20” * 30”)
4. Cork Tiles and Fabric: 1 * 12” square tiles (4 tiles/pk), Fabric (1/2 yard)
5. Hardware: (1” decorative brass hinges, magnetic latch, hanging hardware (2))
6. Dowels (1/4” diameter) & buttons

Common mending tools like screws, nails, hammer, glue, drill and drill bits, screwdriver, utility knife, staple gun, etc.

Things Required


Let us start with the procedure now:

    1. Select a photo frame of medium size with an extensive (wide) border, about 2” so that it can accommodate hinges and the magnetic latch.

    2. Select a frameFor a correct estimation of the jewelry box size, you can take the picture frame as a reference. This will help you to get an idea of how much space you should leave for the hinges and the latch. You can use a 2″ x 1/2″ poplar wood or get wood cut into pieces at a nearby hardware store.
    3. Picture frame with 2" edgesUse a corner clamp to hold the pieces together that will make it easier to drill pilot holes and to screw them together. Also, add some wood glue before putting in the screws for a stronger joint.
    4. Using corner clampsTo give it a look, sand the entire frame and paint it black or a color which matches the picture frame or painting.
    5. Attach the hinges and the latch onto the box frame before on the back of the box.

    6. Attach hingesNow, using an utility knife, cut the back of the box.
    7. Cut the back of the boxAdd 1/4” inch dowels to hold necklaces and rings and glue buttons on the ends to prevent the jewelry from slipping off. For earring pads, you can use batting and fabric that can be stapled onto the board.
    8. Jewelry padsHang the jewelry box on the wall.
    9. The same steps can be used up with a hanging clock too.

Wall clock cum storage box

Just a few easy steps and no one would even guess about your hidden jewelry there! This is a tried and tested method.

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Barry Moskowitz blends the antique, vintage and modern aesthetics to design the most auspicious jewelry designs. With a passion to play with precious metals and gemstones, he strive hard to keep his work outstanding. His skills, experience and love for jewelry designing, makes him the proud owner of Cut Rate Diamonds.

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