Gruesome Horror Stories directly from NYC Subways

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There are many stories on the string so far in NYC, which include numerous horrifying circumstances. I have recently moved to NYC, and ran over many revealing things to the  NYC subway.

Let’s discuss the most interesting ones that you didn’t know about running a New York City subway train.

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The Head on Fire

‘Putting to death’ stories are on top when it comes to the nasty goings-on. Exactly when we were getting used to the insects, rats and mole individuals on the tracks, here comes the disjoined heads.

One separated head was professedly found along the A line, seething and adhered quick to the sizzling third rail. “It was a horrifying sight,” said a subway conductor relating the story as he heard it. “The skin was turning dark and there was steam coming out of its nose.”

Because the story is supplied with such unpleasant glory, we need to know more. In any case, that is it. No word on where the head originated from, the casualty’s personality or where the body wound up.

The Grabber at Subway

This is the scariest story of the group, and it happened around 2 months back with me and my friend. As I was new to NYC, I was with a friend in the East Village, waiting in the NYC metro around 2am to go to our flat in the Upper East Side. We were the only on the platform, until a shabby looking person arrived.

Instantly my body felt hot, and not positively. As the man came closer to us and I was sweating. I could tell my friend felt frightened, as well.

“Indeed, you girls are unquestionably lovely,” he said, an unsettling look in his eye. “How could you have been able to get so lovely.”

He grinned, showing his brown ugly teeth. I wasn’t scared of his looks, but as he blocked our way at exit stairs with his killing look, that made me scared.

“Yes, you are entirely excellent… ” Suddenly, he tried to grab us, however, fortunately I instantly kicked in minutes back and pushed him back. And, as we were running to get exited, he was also running behind us and tried to pull my friend’s arm. But, luckily a person was coming from the front and he just stopped. And we speedily got out of that place.

It was seriously an unforgettable experience for both of us, and with this experience, we became more active and smart while travelling at subway.


The stories I have shared here, are the two most common stories that occur on the NYC subway. Safety is in our own hand. We should be more careful while travelling to avoid such gruesome situations.

Do you have any gruesome story related to NYC subway or any? Feel free to share with us in a comment below!

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