New Yorkians to Avail the 4DX Experience Soon!

New York is all set to experience that monkey pee on the head or a punch of a hero on the face! Yes, Manhattan is getting its first 4DX theatre by the end of the year.


The only thing New York lacked till now was a 4DX Theatre. But, with the announcement of CJ 4DPlex – a South Korean company that it is bringing its immersive cinemas to Regal’s Union Square and Times Square locations in New York, there is nothing where NYC would lag behind. CJ 4DPlex is a company that has outfitted such theaters around the world. The two auditoriums should be up and running in November or December, which depends on the construction.

It is estimated that the New York’s 4DX auditoriums will hold about 120 to 140 people. However, the number could change as depending upon the construction. The cost per ticket is although uncertain; but since at Regal LA Live Stadium 14, the 4DX showing of Fantastic Four is $16, it’s obvious to assume that 4DX will cost more than that at Regal Union Square Stadium 14, where regular tickets are $15.25 to begin with.

With the glooming of this breaking news in the market, the citizens of NYC are very much excited and are giving overwhelming response. Now, they would too feel the vibrations in the seat, hair-raising winds, and strobe lights serving as lightening, etc., while enjoying the movie.

So, fingers crossed for a 4DX version of watching blockbusters at NYC!

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