Shops And Restaurants Owners Will Have To Keep Doors Closed While Using Cooling Systems

A new law has been formed for the New York City to save energy and protect the environment.

Doors Closed While Using Cooling Systems

OCT. 7, 2015, New York. As per the law every shop and restaurant owners in New York City will have to keep front doors and windows shut if they use air-conditioners and cooling systems.

Mayor Bill de Blasio stated before the bill signing ceremony “It’s always been a pet peeve of mine”.  He also said that keeping the doors open is simply a waste of energy and is impacting global warming.

In case any shop owner violates the rules, he will be charged with huge penalty starting from $250 for a first offense and $1,000 for an egregious violation.

Earlier, a law was passed by the City Council, which had put constraints over the co-mingling of indoor and outdoor air only in large-scale chain stores.

The law is exempted for restaurants with outdoor space for al fresco dining, sidewalk cafes and counter-type stores.

Mr Constantinides, chairman of the Council’s Environmental Protection Committee said “This year had the most 80-degree days we’ve had in New York City on record,” “Action had to be spurred.”

The New York City’s Department of Consumer Affairs will begin their own campaign to encourage people for shutting the front doors by distributing stickers saying: “Shut the Front Door!”

But not everyone is happy with this decision. In the words of Robert S. Bookman, “Businesses pay their own electric bill,” “I think it’s their business, and not the government’s business, about how much electricity they should use.”

Let’s see how much the change will be accepted and followed by the New York City.

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