Underground Park Will Soon Be A Reality in New York

As America’s old tradition to be ahead of the world in everything has resulted into one more amazing discoveries. The New York City is soon coming up with the world’s first underground park. After the underground subway, the city is now getting ready to turn out to be more happening.


How It is Being Built Up?

Kickstarter, which is collecting funds from the masses, so far, have reached up to $87,000 and are still increasing to achieve the target of $200,000. This is helping everyone who wanted to turn the city green to contribute. This will give the underground terminal an altogether new look transforming it into luscious green square of around the size of a football field.

As said by Creator and co-founder, James Ramsey, “The core feature of the Lowline is that we can take the sunlight, send it underground, and use that to grow stuff. “

So, this can help in turning the place more live and vibrant with trees and plants coming up and of course the people as well.


An Incredible Piece of Work

This is really mind blowing invention which would add to the magnificence of New York. If they cannot take the sun underground so they somehow managed to bring the sunlight there. This is an excellent idea of creativity and originality combined with the modern technology.

  • They have made sunlight to pass through a glass shield over the parabolic reflector.  Then it is collected a single focal point and then it goes underground. Finally it is made to fall on the distributor dish which is placed underground which transmits it into space.
  • The park has been planned in such a manner that it can be explored in all seasons, even during the winters; it will be able to provide warmth.
  • A way to make people experience the future while walking into the past.

As said by Dan Barasch, co-founder and executive director during a TED talk” that walking through the old underground trolley station made him feel like Indiana Jones on an architectural dig, minus being chased by natives with blowguns.”

Adding on he also said he always wanted to make a difference since childhood and although he had to undergo few other jobs before he actually found where he actually fits in.

Finally his dream of turning the world into an interesting place is achieved. He is still inviting ideas from the kids through a young designers program for a more.

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