Will This Year Bring an End to New York City’s Veteran Homelessness?

As per the reports from the mayor’s office, there are around 990 homeless military veterans across the New York City. Out of which, 971 are residing in city shelters and the remaining 19 have been found living in the streets.

Homeless Veterans

As compared to last year, there is a 40 percent fall in the number of homeless vets and around 75 percent fall as compared to 2012.

As per the report of Department of Housing and Urban Development, the figure for homeless veterans in the U.S. has come down by almost 33 percent as compared to 2010. There was a time in January, 2014 when the number of homeless veterans in United States was about 49,993.

An official from the mayor’s office stated “On our watch, the number of homeless veterans in New York City has dropped significantly, and Mayor de Blasio is fully committed to ending veteran homelessness by the end of this year,”

This initiative was taken by Michelle Obama and further taken over by de Blasio who promised to bring an end to veteran homelessness by the end of 2015.

What strategy has been adopted to accomplish the target?

de Blasio’s strategy was framed in a way to bring all the local veterans under the federal housing vouchers by the Department of Veterans Affairs. It included providing quick and efficient state-funded services like Medical support and subsidized housing for them.

The city has been successful in making housing plans for 950 homeless veterans but the implementation would depend on the funding options and the coordination response of the individual veterans.

In the words of Lyon, who is also a part of Executive Council of the New York City Continuum of Care Veterans Task Force, “we’re not going to get from 990 to zero.”  The reason is the number for homeless veterans will always increase and there will be new veterans every time.

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