Home Improvement Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

(These home improvement tips will make your property look attractive to the home buyers.) Want to get your home sold fast? It is not all about listing and working with a real estate agent. You are also required to make …

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4 Remodeling Ideas to Make Your Boring Kitchen Look Interesting

Modern Kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of your home. It is the space where you prepare meals for your family, spend time with your beloved ones and discuss important family matters. As an added bonus, it increases the value of your …

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You might have seen your mother or grandmother using the yarn for knitting and crocheting, but have you ever imagined the other uses of Yarn apart from knitting?  Do you know that you can decorate your place with help of …

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12 Must- Have Tools For the First Time Homeowner

Buying a new home is an overwhelming experience. Among all the excitement, remember it is important to be ready 24/7 to care for your property. For this, you must have some small tools with your always. Find out here the …

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5 MUST-SEE CELEBRITY HOMES THAT WILL LEAVE YOU SPEECHLESS! Summary: When it comes to living in New York City, it might not be easy on wallet. But for the celebrities here, only sky is the limit. Explore the most astonishing …

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Gruesome Horror Stories directly from NYC Subways

Horror Story HD Desktop Background

There are many stories on the string so far in NYC, which include numerous horrifying circumstances. I have recently moved to NYC, and ran over many revealing things to the  NYC subway. Let’s discuss the most interesting ones that you …

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Shops And Restaurants Owners Will Have To Keep Doors Closed While Using Cooling Systems

Doors Closed While Using Cooling Systems

A new law has been formed for the New York City to save energy and protect the environment. OCT. 7, 2015, New York. As per the law every shop and restaurant owners in New York City will have to keep …

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Will This Year Bring an End to New York City’s Veteran Homelessness?

Homeless Veterans

As per the reports from the mayor’s office, there are around 990 homeless military veterans across the New York City. Out of which, 971 are residing in city shelters and the remaining 19 have been found living in the streets. …

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New Yorkians to Avail the 4DX Experience Soon!


New York is all set to experience that monkey pee on the head or a punch of a hero on the face! Yes, Manhattan is getting its first 4DX theatre by the end of the year. The only thing New …

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Healthy Materials Lab NYC Visions To Make Building Materials Toxins Free

Healthy Materials Lab NYC

Talking about building materials, it is important to inform that most materials used to build and furnish homes and offices are full of toxins. Since, there is no real regulation of the building materials, finding which materials contain harmful chemicals …

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