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Are you worried that there is always something that needs fixing around the house or at the office and is getting worse because there are some many other important things that need your attention?

Have you found yourself saying “I will do it next week”, but a week after passes by and the problem still there?

Are you thinking on installing those cabinets needed in your kitchen but you are afraid that the installment would be too expensive?

Are you so busy that your house has become an unrecognizable place?

Efficiency and Economy in Handyman Services in New York City – Both at its Best

If any of this is happening to you, we are happy to tell you that our professional team of handyman in NYC have the optimum solution to your problems, no more worries or unwished weekends.

Leave it to us!

Why select Handyman at your service in NYC?

1. Warranty on all parts and services

2. 100 percent customer satisfaction – Half of our customers are repeated customers and with strong word of mouth we are widening our clientele in the New York City.

3. 24/7 service – Yes. that true the handyman at your service team work 24 hours and 7 days.

4. Immediate Response – We will reply back immediately to your request and cater all your service needs at the earliest.

5. Free Quote and Advice on Handyman Repairs – Our expert team of handyman in NYC provide free quote and estimate for all the handyman repairs prior to the work. Our quotes are 100% genuine.

6. Special Offers – Handyman at your service in NYC is open to special offers. We know the customer importance and have special offers for senior citizens and repeated customers.

7. Awarded the handyman of 2012 in Manhattan.

Handyman at your service team specialize in:

1. Ikea Furniture Assembly Service in NYC

2. TV Installation Services

3. Custom Shelves Assembly

4. Carpentry Service in NYC

5. Electrical Service in NYC

6. Emergency Locksmith in NYC

7. Plumbing Service in NYC

Don’t think any more and contact Handyman at your service today!

We do guarantee the lowest prices in the market.

Our Head Office is located at:

Handyman at Your Service

Call us for exterior, interior, residential and commercial handyman services in Manhattan NYC. Quality work guaranteed at an affordable price.

641 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY

Phone: (347) 771-9971

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Affordable, On-Call and High-Quality Handyman Service in New York City

Home renovation often takes backseat in the mishmash of activities at home, and this can majorly be attributed to your busy schedule and lack of time!

Remember those spots you know need to be fixed, but always get delayed as you've got other important things to do?
Well, that's nothing new; you simply belong to the majority of homeowners that want to 'do it the next week.'

You'd ask…

Okay, what's the way out?

An on-call handyman service!

There's nothing wrong in taking up important works from home and office on priority basis, but it is equally vital to take out time for small home renovation tasks; especially those demanding immediate attention. If you think you won't be able to do the odd job by yourself, it's better to leave it to us – Handyman NYC.

Then, you would never want those little issues to get worse in near future and cost way more than you would want to pay.

What if I've tens of different repairs and renovations on your to-do list?

Well, we're a complete handyman service.

Our team of professionally trained handymen has an optimum solution for each repair, renovation or installation project you might have.

We're merely a call away at (347) 771-9971, should you need any interior or exterior remodeling services, be it painting, flooring, kitchen and bathroom renovation, plumbing or need professionals to assemble furniture.

Are there any discounts?

Special discounts are a definite part of our always-at-your-service-sir policy, especially for our repeat-customers and senior citizens!

All our privileged customers are getting 15% discount on any type of services and our regular clients can save $5 each time they are billed $100.

You can get a discount of 15% on your next service on referring our services to your friends which we know you'd be doing only if we win you over!

There's also an offer wherein senior citizens get 15% discount on all services.

Do you provide free quotes?

You get free, no-obligation quotations and estimates prior to the repair work from our team of experts.

Quotes are simply based on what type of work you have and how much time it may take.

Rest assured – the scope of work will not change without you choosing to increase it at some point in time.

Is there any work guarantee? When are you available?

As a professional company, we provide 24X7 handyman services and respond immediately to your request so you get best services at the earliest.

You get warranty on all the repaired and replaced parts.

Call us at (347) 771-9971 for a free estimate.

We offer handyman services at affordable prices and if you're looking for both efficiency and economy, you're sure at the right place.

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