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As goes the saying, “Cleanliness is next to godliness”, by keeping the house clean, you live a healthy and hygienic life. A clean home prevents sickness and other problems that a messy environment can give you. It is always great to live in an environment where everything is organized.

But, the problem about having clean house is the time that is required for the cleaning process. As we all know that most of us are really busy doing our own things and tired of work, thus we have no time to clean our house.

If you reside in New York City than you don’t need to worry about your house cleaning job because Handyman at your service provides best house cleaning services in NYC. Handyman at your service is a one-stop solution for your cleaning requirements.

Our services include, drain cleaning, daily office cleaning, carpet cleaning, hard floors cleaning and polishing, washroom hygiene, window cleaning services. Handyman at your service also offers complete office cleaning solutions for industries, commercial spaces, apartments and residential complexes.

Our skilled and experienced team of professionals is always available to assist our esteemed clients. Our team is trained in the necessary aspects of the health and safety regulations.

We offer 24/ 7 house cleaning services in New York City. Handyman at your service offers best price with a guarantee. Along with the best price we offer special schemes and discounts to our customers. Handyman at your service also offers 90 days warranty on all parts and services.

We value our customer’s precious time and that is why any house cleaning service acquired by us is certainly done within strict time bound limits. Furthermore our team of professionals is committed to provide best quality service anywhere you need in New York region.

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“I work full time and hate spending the little free time I have cleaning my house … it’s such a pleasure to come home after a long day of work to find my house spotless….it always looks and smells great.” David, Upper West Side

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