Stretch Ceiling NYC

Stretch Ceiling Systems from NY Handyman NYC – Concept to Realization

Create a unique interior design and atmosphere in both residential spaces and commercial buildings with stretch ceiling systems from NY Handyman NYC.
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Unmatched versatility, prompt installation along with eco-friendly materials, we have the capability to create exclusive acoustic and lighting effects through our stretched ceilings.

Stretched Ceiling for Exquisite Living only at NY Handyman NYC

Stretched ceilings in NYC are ideal for people who want to establish sophisticated lighting system by changing the visual space of a room and wish to add life to the bold ideas of color, texture, shape and style.

Such ceilings are also preferred by the ones who purely look forward for beautiful yet simple ways to decorate their ceilings.

Materials Used In a Stretched Ceiling

Generally, two types of materials are employed to make stretched ceilings:

1. Film

2. Fabric

Each material has its own advantages, example both are environmental friendly and are available in a wide assortment of colors & textures.

Customize Your Ceiling with different Colors, Styles & Textures

With a variety of colors and textures to choose from we can help you transform your concept into realization.

The professionals at NY Handyman NYC will guide you with the many options of printing images of any type and size on the stretch ceiling.
We can harmonize the look and feel of your ceiling to comfortably blend with the planned décor of your interiors.

So, select your style and get ready to feel the difference!

How to Hire NY Handyman NYC stretch ceiling services?

Since the concept of stretch ceiling is still relatively new, rely only on experts.

Call our experts at 212-866-8868 for instant quote. We will fix up an early inspection for you, where our experts will come over, generate ideas, provide suggestions and also give on the spot estimates.

If you have any queries, you can also write to us at

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