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The Best 3D Ceiling Panels from NY Handyman NYC

Burdened by your damaged plaster ceiling? Avail ideal stretch ceiling solutions from NY Handyman NYC today.

Call our experts at 212-866-8868. They will come over for an inspection at the earliest, provide ideas and also provide on the spot estimates.

NY Handyman NYC is a modern company with fresh prospective on interior designs and remodeling. With years of industry experience, we offer our exclusive range of stretch ceiling materials both – film and fabric, which constitute great alternative to traditional types of decorating materials.

3D ceiling panels can also be used for lighting design and acoustic treatment purposes.

What are the benefits of 3D Ceiling Panels?

3D ceilings Panel are generally made up of eco-friendly materials and are great for the environment and highly versatile too.

First preference of modern designers – stretched ceilings are ideal for decorating sophisticated, multi-leveled ceilings and are perfect for attractive wall-mount boards.

The stretched 3D ceiling panels in NYC offer other benefits including:

1. High strength

2. Eco friendly

3. Ease of installation

4. Good Sound absorbing properties

5. Long shelf life

6. Fire prevention

7. Zero methanol release

How We Work

We send in our professionals to inspect the area where installation is to be carried out and to deliver a free quote.

Installation of stretched ceiling, lighting & acoustic system is carried out by our experienced professionals as per your convenience – involving minimum sound and dust.

We even carry out stretch ceiling installation in places with mounted furniture or well equipped workplaces.

To create long lasting 3D ceiling aesthetics whilst enhancing your rooms’ lighting and acoustic systems – nothing can work better for you except NY Handyman NYC’s stretch ceiling systems.

For stretch ceiling installation, contact NY Handyman NYC at:

To a get free quote today, call us at 212-866-8868. We’ll fix an early appointment; send our ceiling installing team for inspection.

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